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Who We Are

Hair Loss - a problem for many. The reason could be poor diet, illness, stress, etc. These and other factors may have a different level of the negative impact, so the main task - to find out what is the root cause, tat has triggered a hair loss. To appoint the treatment of hair loss will help our professional consultant. Choosing a specialist - is half the battle!

  1. Tricologycal Center is successfully operating for several years. The clinic operates in two main areas:

    -Hair Treatment;

    -Hair Restoration.
  2. The clinic treats skin diseases of the scalp, eliminate the various problems such as dandruff, itching, hair loss. Highly qualified doctors of the medical center are treat  different types of alopecia, seborrhea, and other tricology and skin diseases.
  3. Our hair restoration clinic is equipped with the latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment of the hardware. Specialists of the clinic are doctors of higher category, they regularly participate in various seminars, train their skills.

Some of Our Features

revolutionary solutions that really work

Only natural products

We provide an effective treatment of hair! The methodology and intensity of treatment and recovery can be selected individually. We only offer natural products, which include grass, the ratio of which creates a unique healing effect.

Just best of the best

The clinic provides services by the best specialists who constantly improve their skills. Work on innovative equipment is their guiding principle, because just keeping pace with the times, you can get the most effective results.

Always opened for help

We assisted foundations, organizations and individuals. For example, a clinic for several years has been helping to produce books for blind children, providing individual help children with cancer, children with disabilities.

We Have More Than
30 years of Experience

 Since the founding of the clinic there is a permanent team of 11 surgeons and 12 medical nurses. This team works every day for 30 years, doing hair transplant procedures, such an experience has no one clinic in the world! People are elated that started doing it the first, with the most superior quality and it creates a very supportive, healthy environment not only for the team but for the patients.

sociis natoque penatibus et magnis

A High Quality Surgical Team

Bradley Grosh

He specialized in trichology. He took part in international congresses and symposia on trichology. Experience in the treatment of hair over 19 years.

Camala Haddon

Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons ISHRS. She participated in the 19th conference of hair transplant surgeons in Orlando, USA.

Cindy Crawford

Member of the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons. She has a number of scientific publications. Performed more than 7,000 hair transplants.

John Franklin

Certified specialist in the field of mesotherapy, contouring botulinum toxin injections and hyaluronic acid gels. Has more than 6 years experience in cosmetics.

we provide a wide range of services

We Specialize In


Hair Transplant Repair

For hair transplant material from the donor area of the patient is used. It is done in order to avoid the problem of tissue rejection. Therefore, the amount and quality of hair transplants, and the density is determined by the volume of the donor site of the patient.


Hair Loss Treatments

Following the diagnosis, treatment should be aimed at eliminating possible causes of alopecia and continue until the regrowth of hair. Unfortunately areata is a fairly resistant to treatment of diseases, but the cases of self-treatment are described.


Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrow transplantation surgery can restore their natural look or a new form by transplanting hair follicles from the donor area.


Body Hair Transplant

The technique for transplanting body hair is derived from the FUE technique, and basically involves extending the donor area to the whole body. BHT is used primarily in cases where the donor area on the head is no longer suitable for the extraction of donor material or is not dense enough.