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Using techniques HFE

May bring back healthy hair, their natural density, growth and even the tilt angle - in a reasonable time.


Should ensure recovery of not only new hair, but the donor area: a good result up to 20-50%.

In some cases

The patient is interested in long hair transplant! This type of operation is more time consuming and more expensive.

Non-surgical methods

Are suitable for both men and women. Contraindications are virtually absent.

The hair type largely affect

The final result! Hair thickness, density of the donor area fundamentally different at patients.

A non-surgical transplantation

Has important advantages: painless, eliminates seams and hems.

Our SurgicaL Center

Some Latest Works

hair transplantation in our clinic is characterized by:

Forget about Pain and Stress

Painless and the absence of discomfort

We Use No Artificial Materials

The good adaptability of hair through the use of the material your own body

New Hair Right after Procedure

The absence of rehabilitation period, and performance limitations